The right preparation is crucial!

Knowledge about the city and country, culture, economy and university system of your host country is important.

You also need to find out before applying.

  • which subjects and courses are offered
  • what is the average cost of living
  • what are the language requirements
  • whether your degree programme/level of study is eligible for certain destination universities or not

Flyers about studying abroad in general and about the partner universities, as well as numerous interesting reports about your experiences, are available at our Infothek (LG 2.231, open Mon. – Thurs. 9-12 a.m. and afternoons on request). Numerous study guides and intercultural guidelines can also be borrowed there.

Preparing for a stay abroad also includes improving your language skills. The department offers a modern language laboratory for self-study as well as all the important language tests.

Information events such as the “International Day” (always at the beginning of November) are of course a must

Once you have successfully applied, you need to make concrete preparations for your stay abroad.

A high degree of personal initiative is required for organisational questions on site. In the destination country, for example, you must

  • check the necessary visits to the authorities in the destination country
  • the search for accommodation is also the student’s responsibility, but the host universities can help with information and sometimes with specific offers. Experiences of alumni (online experience reports, alumni consultation hours, email contacts, language tandem, …) also help.