Ecole de Management de Strasbourg, in Straßburg

EM StrasbourgThe university was founded in 1919 in the European capital. Since 1956 it has been (like the IEP) an essential part of the of the new University Robert Schuman. It has developed a very international, practical and clearly structured approach to their study programmes, from which 500 students (of whom 120 are students from partner universities across Europe) profit. Normally, after two or three semesters of study, WiWi-students are accredited with the 60 ECTS of the second Master’s year, e. g. Marketing, Logistics, Banking and Stock Trading or Industrial Management. In Spring 2008 the university changed its name to EM Strasbourg, previously IECS Strasbourg. More Info in this document.

University of Alcalá

U-alcalaAbout 30 km from Madrid, lies one of the oldest universities in Europe. The university has an excellent reputation for research and teaching. The planned signing of the Double Degree Agreement is to lay a further milestone in the integration of study abroad in our study programmes. The graduates of this programme attain both a Master’s degree from their home university in Management or IBS and the “Título” from the Spanish university. Further information on this Double Degree at Webseiten des LS Prof. Voigt .


University of Málaga

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The university of Málaga (UMA) with about 40,000 students was founded in 1968. in this double degree programme in Business Studies graduates attain a degree from the UMA in Grado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas and a degree from FAU in Business Sciences, major focus: Business Studies B.A. Overview for further details, see contract documents.