1. University of Chulalongkorn, Chulalongkorn


City: Chulalongkorn 
University: University of Chulalongkorn
University/Programme Coordinator: Holtbrügge
Information: H. Kuka
Programme: PROMOS
Individual applications for BAFÖG, DAAD and other grants possible, no tuition fees
Requirements: Completion of Assessment Phase by start of study exchange; good knowledge of English
Number of places: 3
Application Deadline: Mid-December
Selection Dates: January/February
Selection Process: Interview
Accredited Course Achievements (others possible): Amberg, Holtbrügge, Riphan
Lectures: Bachelor (semester system):
August – December
January – May
+ Summer Sessions: June-July
Master (Term system):
August – November
December – March
April – August
Language of Instruction: English
Reports: Erlebnisbericht 17/18
Erlebnisbericht 16/17
Erlebnisbericht 16/17