geldboerseAn internship abroad can be  expensive and the costs cannot always be covered by what the internship  may pay. The following organisations offer grants/scholarships or a travel allowance which you can apply for if you’re doing an internship abroad.

1. Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung – Auslandsbafög

You can apply for Auslandsbafög for an internship in Europe (Countries outside Europe only with special permission) which lasts  a minimum of  12 weeks  for tuition fees, travel costs and health insurance, . Information on the extent of  funding is available at your Bafög-Office .

2. Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung – Bildungskredit
Since 01.04.2002 the German government has offered trainees the chance to make use of a low interest loan. Up to 7,200 Euro can be granted within one phase of education/ training.

3. DAAD 
The DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) awards grants for internships which student have arranged themselves in international organisations. Interesting funding programmes for students at the WISO are above all  “Go East”, short-term grants  for internships as part of degree courses with an international orientation and travel allowances for internships abroad

Since the new EU-Educational programme for “Lifelong Learning” (LLP) began, students who are doing an internship abroad in a European country have also been able to apply through RIA for funding as part of the ERASMUS – SMP .

This offers a monthly allowance towards the cost of living, students have to find and organise their internship independently.

5. Inwent
Scholarship for an internship semester abroad/travel allowance for overseas countries –
For students of Applied Technology and  Business and Economics

This the internship programme of the European Union – FAU   does not have its own LEONARDO-office. WiSO-students can, however, search the approved  LEONARDO Projects on the Internet and apply directly to the contractors.

AIESEC Nürnberg supports its members in the organisation and funding of internships.
Management traineeships are mainly aimed at students of Business and Economics or Industrial Engineering. Development traineeships address students of all disciplines who want to want to involve themselves socially and change something in a country.