plustasteOnce you have made up your mind and are sure you want to do an internship abroad, then you should immediately start by searching for a company or institution that meets your internship requirements. Your search may require a lot of patience  and initiative on your part, as well as a bit of luck. Here too there are different paths to success.

Apart from the local Stellenwerk der FAU, you should follow up on the following:

1. Apply to German companies which have contacts / subsidiaries abroad
This is particularly promising if you have already worked for a German company and have a “foot in the door”. A letter of recommendation from a professor to the company can also be very helpful as can the intercession on your behalf of a relative or good friend.

2. Apply directly to a company abroad
This is often the fastest way if you apply to the right company at the right time, namely when the company is prepared to take on a foreign intern at short notice. The information sources too check out:
Internet e.g. Internship Exchanges
Classified Directories and reference books in libraries and Cultural Institutes
Professional Associations, Embassies and Chambers of Commerce
your own professors who have experience abroad

arbeitsagentur-nbg3. Apply through the Zentralstelle für Arbeitsvermittlung
The ZAV organizes holiday jobs (casual and unskilled work) for student in the context of exchange programmes with a number of European countries and the US and Canada. The work abroad is mostly for a peried of two to four months in the summer; however there are jobs for a period of 6-12 months. To some extent, there are within the framework of the programmes study-oriented jobs that can be accredited as internships. The programme overview “Jobben im Ausland” appears in every November for the following year and is available in the Berufsinformationszentren (BIZ). The deadlines for application for the individual programmes are, in part, available at the start of the new year.

Auslandsvermittlung Nürnberg
Richard-Wagner-Platz 5
90443 Nürnberg
Telefon: 0 911/ 5294-410
Fax: 0 911/ 5292-657
Email: ZAV-Nü

4. Apply through inwent Gesellschaft in Cologne (now: Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit ‘GIZ’)
GIZ awards internship places at companies abroad as part of the University Programme »Praxissemester im Ausland« if you’re not afraid of pretty stiff competition, you should call [0221] 20 98-0 and request the application documents. [Deadline for Applying: one year before the start of the internship,  in April and October respectively].

praktikum-logo5. Apply through  student organizations like AIESEC and IAESTE
AIESEC is a worldwide student organization, which organizes various programmes and projects, among others the International Internship Exchange for Economics students, whilst IAESTE organizes internships abroad for future engineers, but also has some internships in the field of economics. Both organizations maintain close contact with the DAAD, which will on application grant an allowance towards your travel costs.


AIESEC Lokalkomitee Nürnberg
Lange Gasse 20
Raum 2.229
90403 Nürnberg
Tel.: 0911/55 11 61
Fax: 0911/55 69 26


IAESTE Lokalkomitee Erlangen
Cauerstr. 4, Haus 1, Room 1.178
D-91058 Erlangen
Instagram: iaeste.erlangen
Facebook: IAESTE LC Erlangen
LinkedIn: IAESTE LC Erlangen


6. Apply through private Agencies
The quality of the service of these internship agencies varies considerably, and since they almost always charge fees, it is worth comparing them. You have to check whether the organization is able to provide you with the internship that meets your specific requirements. Some only offer lists of information; as far as the application process is concerned, you are left to your own devices. You’ll only get support if there are problems for instance with your visa or work permit. Moreover, the offers are in part very, very expensive. For this reason, the posting of offers of such agencies in our office  does not imply any special recommendation.

7. State Institutions in Germany / Chambers of Commerce Abroad
The office, Führungskräfte zu Internationalen Organisationen ( BFIO ) within ZAV is responsible for advising, informing and placing German managers and junior staff in international organizations.

Homepage BFIO

Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK ): 117 AHK-offices in 80 countries worldwide offer their experience, connections, and services to companies interested in bilateral economic transactions with Germany. For a fee, the AHKs offer the service of organizing an internship in a company abroad. Applications are made directly to the AKH in the country you wish to go to. The AHK-offices, current internship offers etc. are listed on the AHK website.

8. International Organizations
EU-Institutions:   Institutions of the EU offer students and graduates the opportunity to do an internship. Among these EU-Institutions are e.g. the  European Commission,  the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the Committee of the Regions, the European Economic and Social Committee, the European Court of Auditors, the ECJ, European Ombudsman and the European Central Bank.

The United Nations (UN ): whether in New York, Rome, Washington D.C., Vienna, Geneva, Nairobi, Addis Abeba, Paris, Santiago de Chile or Bangkok, UN institutions offer internships in their various branches worldwide.

The DAAD Carlo-Schmid-Scholarship could be applied for these internships.

9. Direct University Cooperations
The School of Business and Economics cooperates with universities abroad, and many professors have personal links to these. These can generate opportunities for internships abroad. Ask at the Chair where you are studying about such cooperations and the requirements of an internship semester that might possibly be organized by a partner university.