Transcript Certification


  • General Certification, Certificate, Surat Recommandesi, Internship Certificate etc.?

In as far as it is not a question of academic expertise (only issued at the Chairs by regular teachers), we can generally speaking issue the required certification as “university coordinator” Please enquire.

Transcript of Grades, “transcripts of records”  (Post-graduate programmes, MBA, CPA or Exchange Programme)?

If you want confirmation of the grades you have achieved at the School of Business and Economics, you should proceed as follows:

  1. Either come to our office during opening hours with your Student ID card or scan it and email the scanned copy to us.
  2. Based on the data recorded in “MeinCampus“, we will issue an official Transcript of Records in German or English, signed and with the official stamp.
  3. We can, where required, send the Transcript of Records in a sealed envelope to a specified address. Students must prepare everything themselves.
  4. For more comprehensive certifications (e.g. of the German Abitur certificate, CPA…) please adress to the central services in Erlangen: the university has a fee-based translation service: Übersetzungsservice des Sprachendienstes.
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg