business-170645_640Students of the School of Business and Economics at FAU who have completed their Bachelor’s degree by the beginning of this study programme and have good language skills in French or Spanish can apply to the International Relations Office.

In line with the agreement signed by the respective partners, the following places are at our disposal:
up to 6 at the EM Strasbourg, 2 (Business Studies) and up to 5 (Economics) in Alcalá.

In each case, there is a selection within the general application procedure by the International office in accordance with the programm coordinator.
Knowledge of the language and the culture of the region, as well as subject-specific and the personal suitability of the candidate are considered. Specific average grades are not expected.

For Alcalá, proof of language skills at UNICERT ® Level II or comparable qualifications e.g. DELE is required (minimum 300 h Spanish) and has to be produced when applying.

For further information: Language Centre of the School of Business and Economics.