Head of Office:
Jörg Reisner

Exchange coordinator ERASMUS+
General Advisor (Incoming, freemover, internships, scholarships, language courses, etc.)
Tel.: 0911-5302-95626

LG 2.231

Heidrun Kuka
Exchange coordinator Overseas, Ambassador programme
Tel.: 0911-5302-95476

LG 2.115

Office Management:
Claudia Pscherer
Service desk, Database, Office management

Tel.: 0911-5302-95627

LG 2.232

Student Assistants: Mikael Tilken, Kathrin Engelhardt, Martin Randk, Da-bin Chung (IT)


Contacts at Chairs 

 At our go-abroad desk we provide extensive information on studying abroad. You can look at the brochures, prospectuses, reports, read or borrow them from us. We also offer detailed guides for you (e.g. on scholarships/grants, MBA courses, internships ). We’re also here for you If you need to send or get a scan, confirmation of a grant or scholarship, length of study abroad, tutors etc. and much more.

Dean of International Affairs:
Prof. Dr. Dirk Holtbrügge

Tel.: 0911-5302-95452


LG 5.219



  • Strategic development and coordination of the internationalization of the WiSo
  • Chair of the Internationalization Committee at the School of Business and Society
  • Representative of School of Law and of the School of Business and Society in the Senate Internationalization Committee
  • ECTS-Coordinator
  • Person to Contact for students who have special problems with studying abroad
  • Coordinator des Bachelor Degree in International Business Studies
  • Coordinator of Masters Degree in International Business Studies

Office Hours:

  • by appointment with the secretary of Prof. Holtbrügge (
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg