General Information

The School of Business and Economics has two core options for students who plan to study abroad while enrolled at the School :


  1. The first option. The Exchange Student programme The partner programme offers students the opportunity to study abroad as an exchange student for a set period of time . This is usually a pretty convenient and cost-effective option as in most cases tuition fees largely do not apply, and, depending on the individual programme, it may be possible to apply for an additional scholarship. This, however, is limited to exchange places within the university partner network.
    The Programme of the School of Business and Economics
    Our School has over 120 partner universities where you can spend one or more semesters (generally no tuition fees apply, exceptions are marked, in part with a fixed scholarship such as ERASMUS, PROMOS, ISAP, etc. ). The School has its own selection process for students who would like to participate in this programme. Students must apply.
    Via Direct Exchanges FAU 
    Over and above this, FAU also offers one-to-one exchange places for students of all faculties and schools. This is a further option for WiSo students to attend a partner university, however in this case there may be certain restrictions as to which subjects or courses can be taken.

    For further information on applications and deadlines, please check the website of the RIA in Erlangen or in this PDF (German).

  2. The second option: Freemover: If you choose this option, you have to apply directly to the university of your choice yourself. Normally, you will have to pay tuition fees and deal with all administrative and course issues. This option requires more long-term planning and considerably more individual initiative but offers you opportunities all over the world beyond the existing contracts of the School and FAU.
    Scholarships for study abroad: Freemovers. These are mainly from external organisations. Information on applying for a scholarship here –  you can apply parallel to your application..