Getting the ECTS-transcript of records

You made it?

We’ll send your transcript of records when all exams are assessed. Please check your MeinCampus – account and send us an email when all grades are registered.

After exmatriculation you can still login at “Lokale Anmeldung” instead of “Single Sign on”.

Based on your grades showing up in “Mein Campus”, an officially document is generated for you.

Remember to…

  • Inform the Studentenwerk in advance about when you will be leaving your room
  • Inform the Studentenwerk of which bank account at home you want the deposit transferred back to
  • Close your Giro-Konto at the bank
  • Sign yourself off at the Einwohnermeldeamt
  • You may exmatriculate in Erlangen at the students office of the FAU (Exmatrikulation), but it’s NOT obligatory
  • Also notify the following: Water and Electricity services, Health insurance company, Telephone company
  • Sign up for the FAU Alumni (for free)

We hope to see you back in Nürnberg very soon!