Course Offer

vorlesung-h4-wiwiThe courses presented hereafter are those recommended for exchange-students, however they do NOT encompass all the courses offered at the School of Business . You are, of course, free to choose any other course offered at the FAU and ECTS credit points will be awarded in accordance with the International Relations Office.

The University of Erlangen-Nürnberg has a listing of all courses available on the Internet. At the address you’ll find a survey.

The Bachelor-courses are presented in the “Modulhandbuch” (click here for the different pdf-versions)

More details and comments about all courses and the curriculum can be found at the
home page of each chair.

The FAU offers also some courses with ECTS- credits specially designed for exchange students – please check the information about the courses offered in “Schlüsselqualifikationen/ Interkulturelle Kompetenz “

The next pages are just a survey of what the Wiso departments are offering regulary. In case of doubt, please contact the coordinator of the department concerned directly.

Please note: Some courses are taught in English. But most of the courses especially in BA-level are taught in German, so please prepare yourself before arriving. For searching courses in english, you can use this list here.