Health Insurance

doctorIn Germany it is obligatory for students of all nationalities to be member of a health insurance company. Without proof of membership, you will neither be allowed to enrol nor obtain your residence permit! Here is a survey about the German healthcare system

a) Students from countries which have an agreement on social insurance with Germany,
e.g. the EU countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Turkey, Macedonia and Tunisia will be exempted from joining a German health insurance company, since their insurance coverage from their home country is accepted. However, in order to profit legally from this exemption, you have to go to the

Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse (AOK) 
Keßlerplatz 16
90489 Nürnberg
phone: +49 (0)911 / 58 68 50 0

or the

Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)
Südwestpark 65
90449 Nürnberg
phone: +49 (0)911 / 24 25 623


DAK Nuremberg
Spittlertorgraben 13
90429 Nuremberg
phone: +49 (0)911 / 93 777 80

Once there, apply for the exemption by showing proof of your health insurance in your home country. Usually, you do so with the help of the following forms: Health insurance certificate (EU countries: EHIC-card!, Turkey: T/A 11). Then you will obtain your insurance card, which you need when you go to a doctor.
Please note: the E 111-form or a travel insurance is not sufficient – it only covers emergency cases/ accidents!!!!!


Be sure to get two “exemption from health insurance” forms. One you’ll need for the enrolment in Erlangen, and the other one to hand in later at the Einwohnermelde-amt.
If you are privately insured in your home country, your insurance company has to prove that it fulfils the requirements of §7 Part 2 of the EU ordinance of freedom of movement.

b) For the others: We recommend that all students from countries which do NOT have an agreement with Germany on social insurance join a German health insurance. The reason is that the insurance coverage from your home country has often been found to be insufficient.
We advise you to take out health insurance with a statutory health insurance company like the TK, AOK or DAK (see above), because it is quite convenient and cheap. Monthly fees are about 59 EURO.

Good news I: Since April 2001 no more medical examinations and HIV-tests are required.
Good news II: We are looking forward to have a servicepoint of one of these health insurance companies directly on campus in the first week of the semester.