If you would like to organize your study abroad yourself as a “freemover”, the following information should be of help:

  1. Draw up a checklist of everything to be done

An overview of all the preparatory steps you need to take if you are going to study abroad can be found here:


2. Inform yourself about your country of destination

Good sources of information here are our Country Information for Outgoers and the Key facts from the DAAD: (German) and (German)


  1. Check your options for financing your studying abroad as a freemover

Information on the financing of your study abroad can be found here or: (German)


Check the possibility of getting financial support through Auslands-BAföG! (German)


  1. Make sure you are adequately insured abroad

Check the following in particular :

  • Health Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Third-party liability insurance


  1. Advice from the person responsible for accreditation

You can have your achievements obtained during your study abroad accredited. The person responsible for the accreditation of study abroad achievements is the accreditation appointee of the School of Business and Economics. Please discuss with them your plans for your study abroad before commencing your studies abroad in order to inform yourself of what you should be mindful of when selecting your courses abroad.

For further information:


  1. Check Leave of Absence

You can apply for leave of absence for your study abroad semester. The advantage is: a semester on leave of absence does not count as a semester in your degree studies. The disadvantage: If you are on leave of absence you are not allowed to sit any examinations (apart from resits) at FAU. You can and should, of course, sit exams abroad and obtain your study achievements abroad.

You can apply for a leave of absence semester at the Student Record Office up to the start of lectures in your leave of absence semester:

Examinations at FAU which students fail to pass have to be resat at the nearest possible date. This must be strictly adhered to independent of whether one has a leave of absence semester or is abroad. If you wish to postpone the set date of the until after your stay abroad, you must take the initiative yourself and actively attempt to arrange the postponement of the exam date with the Examinations Office.


  1. Don’t forget to re-register

You have to remain matriculated at FAU whilst you are on your study abroad. Therefore, don’t forget to re-register!

The dates are listed here:


Reports of Freemovers’ Experiences