Info on the current selection procedure for outgoers

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Info on the current selection procedure:
  • All applicants who have already been allocated places will receive confirmation. Possibilities of moving up will be examined.
    There is no further confirmation of receipt from us after the applicant has accepted the place.
  • All those who have not yet been allocated a place in the first round will be given the opportunity to select new options from the available places. Once round 2 is over, all remaining vacant places will be re-advertised in spring for all applicants, including those from other disciplines.
  • Everyone who has received a place at WiSo will be nominated by us at the partner university in the spring and will then receive further information from there regarding admission, residence, introductory programme, etc.
  • Learning agreements and scholarship matters (ERASMUS etc.) will be clarified during the summer semester.
We are keeping our fingers crossed for everyone!
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg