Having completed the previous steps, you may confirm the enrolment now by using your idm-Login data that have been sent to you.


Financial matters

The „Studentenwerksbeitrag‚“ of 42 EUR + 74 EUR (Basic ticket VGN) has to be paid by ALL students, also by the exchange students.


Most import of all is the Student ID card. It contains the student identification number and idm-profile which is required to sign up for language courses (language center), sport classes and for exams. It also contains information on your email address and your login for the university computers and WiFi-network.immatrikulation

Important: You must re-enroll after every semester otherwise you will be irrevocably exmatriculated! Students can re-enroll by paying the semester fee . The necessary bank transfer form can be found each semester on “mein campus”. An academic leave of absence must be applied for in person at the Students Records Office.

You will then have proof of acceptance to the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Mein Campus

“Mein campus” ( is a university portal where students can download important documents and sign up and withdraw from exams. A withdrawal from an exam is only possible up until one day before the exam. Furthermore, students can change their address and contact information via the portal. They can also print out Student ID cards and proof of enrolment certificates.

Scope of “mein campus“:

  • Signing up and withdrawing from exams
  • Proof of enrolment
  • Student ID card
  • All student certificates (Studienbescheinigungen)
  • Up-to-date overview of grades
  • Overview of the exams for which one has signed up for
  • Change of address or contact details