Our foreign students are invited to participate in ALL courses and seminars offered by our faculty, and also by the other faculties in Erlangen.

You get a survey at (useful to create a personal course schedule)

and (download of course materials, videos, etc.)
At the beginning of the semester, the students should contact the professors whose lectures and seminars they want to attend. The basis on which credits are awarded for courses taken varies between final exams at the end of the semester and written papers.studierende-gruppe

Unlike the lectures held by the professors, the seminars require the student’s active participation. Usually an essay (12 to 20 pages) has to be written on a certain topic, it then has to be presented and discussed with other students. Most of the lectures and seminars are held in German.

Registration for courses is not standardised. Students should read the notice-boards for the subjects they wish to study very carefully on arrival as some subjects, especially seminars, require formal registration. Most of the course registrations happen during the first session of the course or via Stud-On
So it is very important to establish a personal contact with the teacher. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself – all international students are very welcome at our faculty!

Here, you find an overview for english courses

The most common types of classes are:
Lecture = „Vorlesung“, just sit and listen to the professor
Tutorial, class = „Übung“ or „Tutorium“, the assistants repeat important topics of the lectures also by doing practical exercises; it is very helpful for the examination
Seminar = „Proseminar“ or „Hauptseminar“, you have to present a paper, make a presentation and discuss with the others