student-deskOnce we are notified of your participation in the programme (by your home university), we’ll bring you in contact with the central office of international affairs (S-INT) who handles the formal procedure of admission and accomodation for all faculties of the FAU.

The deadlines are:
Winter term: 15th May
Summer term: 15th November

After the applications have been processed, you’ll receive a notification containing information on enrolment that will be of assistance to you once you’re in Germany. Also, you’ll be informed about which student dormitories/residences have a vacancy. If you’ve got a room in a student dorm, please confirm it immediately at the central office of international affairs.

There are several documents you must bring with you in order to avoid any bureaucratic problems. We advise you to check your papers before you leave for Germany.

Here is the list of what you need:

  • The admission letter (Zulassungsbestätigung) sent to you by mail
  • Health insurance certificate (EU countries: EHIC-card, Turkey: T/A 11,) from your health service, which has to be valid for the whole duration of your stay in Germany
  • An enrolment certificate from your university / entrance exam
  • Non-EU-residents:Confirmation (in German or officially translated) from your parents or your university verifying minimum financial support of 580 EUR per month which you’re guaranteed to receive. In case of doubt, ask the German embassy for a certification of your parents’ guarantee.
  • A photocopy of your passport or ID-card, in case they get lost.
  • 2 passport photographs