Please expect the following expenses:

  • Rent (per month): Halls of residence (depending on the size and age of the hall) from €150.00 to  €260.00 / Single appartment (depending on size, location and size of the appartment) from €210.00 to €360.00
  • Health insurance estimated €62.00  per month (no costs will arise if you are exempt from health insurance)
  • Travel expenses
  • Food estimated €275.00 (per month)
  • Study material (scripts and books) roughly €100.00 per semester
  • Tuition fee €500.00  (once per semester)
  • Semester fee € 42.00 (once per semseter)
  • Telephone (landline) basic charge €16.00 per month
  • TV and radio licence (“GEZ“) €17.98  per month

Please note: It is assumed that foreign students can afford their studies themselves, of course with the help of their parents. Therefore, although in contrast to many other European countries, there is no possibility of getting financial aid from the German state. But the scholarship office of University Erlangen-Nürnberg (Frau Förster, Frau Borrmann, Tel. 09131/85-24075) and the catholic (khg) and protestant (esg) students’ community can give assistance for students especially from developing countries.