The City 

Nürnberg is the largest city in Franconia, the northern part of Bavaria, and the economic centre of the Metropolitan Region (EMN).

Nuernberg-BurgSeveral well known companies have their headquarters in Nürnberg. Gingerbread, electronic and high-tech products, beer, stationary supplies and toys are some of the products produced here. Nürnberg, situated about 170 km North of Munich, has a population of 490,000 (1.1 million in the agglomeration) and therefore is the second largest city in Bavaria.

The unmistakable face of Nürnberg’s city-centre is moulded by the mostly rebuilt historical buildings, patrician houses, churches, the castle and the city walls, which give it a medieval atmosphere. The surrounding countryside with its lakes, hills, river valleys and villages offers many possibilities for leisure activities and weekend-trips. Nürnberg, lying in the very centre of Europe, can be easily reached from anywhere. The international airport is only seven kilometres away from the old city, the motorway-network and the Intercity’s hourly service links Nürnberg with the rest of Europe.

Here you find some helpful brochures about the city and touristic aspects.

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The University

FAU is one of the ten largest universities in Germany and one of the leading universities in Europe. The University was ranked among the best in 11 out of 31 categories in the EU’s international ‘U-Multirank’ ranking.

Of the 39.868 students (winter semester 2019/2020) at FAU, 19,524 are female and 4,631 are international students.

FAU currently offers 263 degree programmes, including 80 Bachelor’s degree programmes, 91 Master’s degree programmes and 92 Staatsexamen (state examinations) degree programmes (in subjects such as teaching, law and medicine). In 2015, 7,143 students graduated from FAU, 751 completed their doctoral degrees and 58 post-doctoral students completed their habilitation. FAU has a total of 576 professors. With a total of 180 million euros (2015), FAU has one of the highest volumes of third-party funding of all the universities in Germany. All facts and figures here.


The School of Business and Economics 

Lange Gasse

Wiso-innenhofThe School of Business and Economics (former: WiSo) has around 34 chairs and 5,500 students in the fields of Business Administration, Economics, Law, Social Sciences, Business & Education and Business Computer Science. We are forming a new Faculty since 2007 with the Law School in Erlangen. Students pick their subjects from a wide variety of choices offered by the different chairs.

The BA studies should be finished in six semesters; the MA studies usually take another two years. Successfully graduating, the diploma will be hand out to the students. The faculty started its international programms in the 70s, and today has got around one hundred close ties to other business schools all around the world. Since then, our international exchange students have grown to become an integral element of our faculty’s teaching.

Interesting flyers about the faculty:

School of Law / School of Business and Economics
School of Business and Economics
Lange Gasse 20
D-90403 Nürnberg
phone: 0049-(0)911/5302-0

The International Office 

The International Relations Office is responsible for everything concerning the internationalisation of our School – including the care for foreign students sent to Nürnberg by any one of our partner universities and as well for those going abroad. We do this job in co-ordination with the Central Office of International Affairs (former: „Akademische Auslandsamt“) in Erlangen. If you are studying in Nürnberg, please contact us firstly if you have any questions or problems:

International Relations Office
Universität Erlangen – Nürnberg
Lange Gasse 20
90403 Nürnberg
phone.: +49 (0)911-5302-627
fax: +49 (0)911-5302-726

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